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First Squid!


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Headed down to Balmoral this evening for an attempt at squidding on the super high tide. Once I got there I realised I had no idea where the weed beds were so just cast out at a squiddy looking spot near some pylons.

A few casts later i felt the pulses and reeled in this little squddy!


Fished for a bit longer since it was a really nice night, got 2 more pulses but dropped them (once because I freaked out as it surfaced and shot ink straight at me).

Calamari tomorrow night! for.. entree..

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Guest Aussie007

haha you'll have fun squidding :biggrin2: just watch out for ya mates when they pull one in and get all excited and lift it strait past your face :1yikes:

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Well done mate,

Im fairly new to squidding also only been at it for about 3 months and have managed 3 of them and a occy.

I agree it does feak you out the first time but soon you will learn to take it easy when you bring them to the surface.

I usually lift my rod slightly and hold until i feel the pulse and slowly retrieve and try to watch for my jig with the squid on it and if possible move to the side and have not been inked yet... perhaps i will get sprayed some day but this has proved to work for me so far,

Keep up the good work and im sure you will score more inkers in the future!!


Beginner. :1fishing1:

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Well done on your first squid mate, was there some light around where you fished, that will make a huge difference at night to squid fishing. They tend to hand around wharves and pylons as it is so they're a good place to try.

Might just want to note that it is an arrow squid, still kicks the ass of fish shop calamari but once you've had a southern calamari you'll realise the difference.

Well done nevertheless


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Congratulations on your first squid toikle! :thumbup:

You may not realise this, but it's an old fishing tradition to give away your first squid to another fisherman (i.e. a fishraider) for them to either eat, or use as bait. Don't listen to "hookerbruce" and "adjustedpete" as neither of them are old and ugly enough to deserve your nice little arrow. I, on the other hand am exceptionally ugly ... and old, so therefore deserve to get your squid.

Where can I pick it up?


Well done mate! Hope to see lots of squid reports from you in the future.



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