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I went down to go fish today and got myself some braid, i got given all the right info on how to fit it to my reel and that but buy the time i finished work and got home i had forgotton what they said. If any onr can help me out and let me know how to fit braid to my reel and how to attach my leader that would be great.



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you need to tie on a couple of metres of mono backing just 3 or 4 wraps and join the braid to the mono or there is a chance that the braid will spin on the spool,i use the improved albright knot for that job or the double uni is ok too

and the albright can be used to attach your leader too

cheers arman

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hey mate,

i generally fill the spool 1/2 full of nylon mono backing first then add top shot of braid 100-150m. why use expensive braid to fill an entire spool when the bottom 1/2 will rarely see sunlight. just my thoughts anyway.

i use the double uni knot to join my lines



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