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A Day In The Bay ? Hmmmmmmmmm


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Morning Raiders,

It was about this time 2 weeks ago when i visited the Botany bay and came back with zilcho..

Most people would just give up and not go out again until the water heats up - But not me ;)

Eventually something will happen..

Although the odds are stacked heavily against us i think it's a good time

to brush up on some skills. Usually we drift the bay and hardly ever anchor!

In the past ( wamer months ), we've done quite well on the drift but not lately.

The good thing about fishing the same technique is that you begin to notice what changes affect the fish, be it wind, current, water temp, drift direction etc etc..

However I think it's time to change strategy and mix it up alittle. I'm thinking of anchoring at afew spots and varying my baits to see what i can get.

Any suggestions / exact spots where i'm sure to catch 50 fish or so :1prop: ? orrrr should i just go to the fishmarkets :glare:

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i always drift too and have also been catching a whole lot of nothing. so i was going to try and anchor and throw some baits around too, so im interested what spots people recommend. i have been told that you have to burley up hard in deep water to get the fish around, well thats what an old timer with a bag full of trevally told me about a month ago. good luck mate.

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nothing to lose at all mate. i got a berly bag the other day and i thought if i tied that to my anchor before it went down then maybe the berly will be released right underneath me rather than sinking 20m away and maybe the fish will even inspect the bag and i can pick them up from right under the boat. i dont know its trial and error but its meant to be a beaut weekend so even if im not successfull it will be nice day to be out on the water fingers crossed. :thumbup:

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