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Couran Point Winter Open


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I don't have a big trophy sitting on my shelf and neither does Little Slinky but I just got home from a great weekend shared with the Swordies at Couran Point resort on South Stradbroke Island, where Little S and I were entered in their Winter Open fishing tournament.

The resort itself was a magic place to spend the weekend. I can't believe it's Winter and I was swimming in their huge pool, complete with beaches, slides, etc, etc.


I finally got to go fishing with #1 Fishraider when Swordy and I snuck out on Friday afternoon. I sent him a sneaky text to see if he could get away and who should answer his phone when I rang later... Mrs Swordy. Jewhunter was in the car and no one seemed at all sympathetic as I tried to explain why I was trying to take Swordy away from the family on their weekend away.

We left the Couran Point marina (where a berth for the weekend came with the accommodation :thumbup: ) at about 2pm and headed up to the Jumpinpin area.

Now... before Swordy dives in... I meant to run us aground on that sand bar. How else could I have a chance to hop into the water to cool off!! Don't believe a word he says about it...

Or about the other time I ran aground, which was only so I could stop him whinging about how my boat doesn't have a 'leccy by hopping out and pushing him around while he flicked lures from the bow. Thanks for the help Swordy :ranting2:

At least I wasn't as bad as the guy we saw on the way up to the resort who'd parked his very new looking, 45' luxury cruiser, about 100m the wrong side of a channel marker. Mrs Slinky said that she could see a guy walking around behind his boat... I didn't believe her but sure enough, there he was up to mid shins in water, behind his marlin board.

For Swordy and I, the weather was magic but the fishing was slow. We thought we were in for a good session when our first half dozen casts landed...




We even got the chance to have a quiet chat on the phone to Jewhunter, who piked out from fishing with us at the last minute. While Swordy hooked and landed a fish, we politely enquired as to Mr J's health and happiness at that moment :tease:

Unfortunately they were the last fish we caught although Swordy got a tiny whiting and a tiny flathead, before he lost a nice bream, he lured from the pontoons near the resort.

The day of the comp was a bit of a letdown fish wise. Little Slinky had been itching to get out there all week but when we got to the seaway on the Saturday morning, it was blowing 25-30 knots. While the waterway is sheltered, Gemma wasn't comfortable so I ran her back to the resort... but at least she got a buzz out of filling the live well with herrings first.

I then spent a tough day, on a beautiful waterway, for nothing more than a couple of undersized bream and flatties on live herrings. Nothing much else happened... DID IT SWORDY :ranting2::ranting2:


The locals were wondering what all the fuss was about


...and giving the evil eye to anyone who got too close (although he appreciated his free herring)

The comp was a great success with around 65 entrants who landed some quality fish. The overall winner was a Lizard right on the 75cm QLD upper legal limit, and 3.6kg. Fishraider sponsored the Junior Flathead section with the prize going to a very happy angler and his young mate who got a good Flattie by drifting unweighted peeled prawns over sandbanks under floats. Hopefully we'll see them both in the forums soon.

It was great to catch up with the Swordies in my part of the world. The weather was warm, the food plentiful and the cocktails kept coming at a satisfying pace. If anyone wants a great weekend away, Couran Point have another comp coming up in Feb/March. If they do the same package deal I'll be back again.

Cheers, Slinky

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Great report Slinky! :thumbup:

Sorry I had to pike out on Friday. Family had to come 1st then!

It was a bit blowy but bloody hot. I hope you & the family had a wonderful time.

Are you too heartbroken to tell us all about the big jew you lost at the boat on the 6lb outfit after the 1/2hour fight?! :1yikes:

It would have won the comp. :ranting2: Ahh well, I'll have to show you how to gill them next time. :biggrin2:

Top report & pics again mate. Glad to see the herring are still around. :biggrin2:



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Thanks for a top day out on the Broadwater,Tony and showng me around :thumbup:

It was a very nice weekend away and we had a fabulous time swimming and relaxing with good company.

Tony has definately got those sand bars wired and made sure we found a few to chuck plastics onto.

There was a very nice flattie of 75 cms that came to the weigh master and that was the eventual winner of the tournie at 3.6 kgs.

Thanks to Couran Point and the staff for a great weekend away.

Cheers Stewy.

PS had a flick in gods country at Grants place and got bugger all ,but hit a great drive off the ground in his back yard that went straight and found the water hazzard(The Tweed River) :074::074: 2 stroke penalty.

Thanks for the hospitality Grant and the arvo tea :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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Are you too heartbroken to tell us all about the big jew you lost at the boat on the 6lb outfit after the 1/2hour fight?! :1yikes:

It would have won the comp. :ranting2:



The secret's out, Tony :074::074::074:

Great to chat with you on Sunday. Regardless of the fish numbers, it sounds like you had a terrific day on the water. I re-told your jewy story to young Robbie, and you'll be pleased to know he responded with appropriate "ooohs', "ahhhhs' ... and "aww bugger" :biggrin2:



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