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hi raiders,

am looking at upgrading gear to heavier outfits, well one overhead outfit maybe. looking at getting into live baiting a bit more since my confidence is growing in being able to take my boat out further. ive heard that overheads are the way to go, perhaps something light med up to 10 maybe 15kg.

most of my gear is spinning and primarily used for flicking plastics, tcurve tourny 2-5kg with 2500 tierra, sol med light with 3000 sol reel, and the heaviest being a 5-8kg shimano raiderII with 4000 infusion. i have one med ugly stick -10kg with a 5500 regal baitrunner which i use for most of my bait work.

really my question is, is the ugy ok for live baiting if im only just getting into it or should i purchase an entry level oh combo(or posiibly something with a bit of quality)

your thoughts would be very much appreciated guys


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Nothing wrong with using spinning reels for livebaiting. How heavy you go is dependent on your baits and the fish that may snaffle them.

With live bait offshore where good Kings are possibilities in rough areas (like over wrecks) then go 15kg at least. I'd probably go 24kg. If you wanted to go for an overhead, there are heaps of options... its personal preference to go that way though, not a prerequisite. I'd advise borrowing one if you can to see if you like fishing with overheads before parting with your $$$

I don't have any experience with Regal Baitrunners but a Daiwa Sealine Bull, Okuma V-System, Penn Spinfisher or Shimano Spheros in the same sort of size are more than up to the task. Someone else will know about your reel but starting out, why not stick with the rod you've got until you know how it goes outside.

Cheers, Slinky

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