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Makos And Longliners


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Hi Guys,

A quick note! We had a fish out of Kiama yesterday as the weather forecast was favourable. A gentle mans start at 8.00am and a burley trail commencing at around 9.15. The water was COLD, at 16.8, so expectations were low. Have not been out since Bermi, so didn't really care. Nice drift of .4 knots in 280m of water with good clarity. The birds kept us amused for most of the day. At 1pm the float starting to dance and then move sideways in the burley trail.................... 'fish up' was the call. Moments later a good, but thin mako lept out of the water and then repeated its summersaults 'in tuck' position four mores times before sounding a little.

The fish come up easily and then proceeded to damaged the boat on the gaff! mmmmmmmm God bless two pack paint! My point here is that this fish was thin, really thin compared to all the others we have caught. Has the fish been feeding appropriately? Was it well or just the time in the season? A female of about 90 to 100 or so. It swallowed the hook deep and was bleeding when taken. When examined later, it had two stainless long line hooks in vital parts of the stomach. Did they impact upon the shark from feeding ?....... relatively, we kill very few, but once again, what is the impact of our long liners to our fish species? (Not seen!) :thumbdown:

We hoped to get another bite in the late afternoon, but not this time! Made for home at 5pm.







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Proberly did the shark a favour 2 stainless hooks in the gut more than likely would have died a slow death I doubt the stomach acids would disolve stainless steel its a very tough metal. As for long liners what can you say they do alot of damage to the worlds oceans and I hope it does,nt go as far as its not worth going game fishing anymore because there,s nothing out there.

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