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Windang Island


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Hey all,

Thought i would go down to wollongong today and try my new Daiwa Sea Jigger off windang island put out a pilchard on my rod under a float and it kept mysteriously getting pulled and when i went to wind it in it would dissapear so straight away thought SQUID!!!! so on goes the squid jig and on the second cast picked up a nice squid flicked the squid jig around for another hour with no luck no fish caught either besides little peckers


Cheers Bustoff

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Nice green eyed monster there bustoff.

Did you end up using him for bait or was he for the table?

Those Pilchards would of been handy. There was a gutter that run from the beach out to sea towards the breakwall last Friday but don't know if its still there.


Hey Mate,

Using him for bait put it in a freezer bag chucked it in the freezer probably use it when i go back down there next i was gonna head back down to wollongong and have another bash today but its too bloody windy

Cheers Bustoff

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