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Fishing In Pittwater

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Yeah it was a bad day... We were on the water at 7 and it was blowing a gale. Oh well, we set off we go to a little spot that has produced decent flathead in the past (thankfully it was out of the wind) but that still didn't seem to help us. A fat 0 at that spot . Off we go to the basin to try and grab a few squid or some small flatties/whiting. We got one hit on the Sp's but apart from that nothing... very disappointing but atleast we were out of the wind. To top off the bad luck we were having a troll back to the ramp when some bloody idiot decided to turn and cut straight across our two lines which were out a fair way and under the surface. He crossed our path 20m from the back of the boat which cut the 2 decent lures straight off as well as a lot of line, it was a joke. We were trolling slowly so it wasn't like we cut into his path. Gah..


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