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$%^$@^$# Wind!

Andy Loops

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Took my "bathtub battleship" out yesterday arvo after getting a heap of mods done including a massive 110 lt fuel tank under the console of the boat. (levels out the boat sooo much better and changed the whole performance of the boat in slop).

I Couldnt wait to test it out in choppy water. I got my wish thats for sure. the winds were very strong and the chop around the heads even crazier to say the least!

Boat performed even better than ever in the messy Chop. getting the boat back on the trailer at drummoyne was another experiance in itself. Lucky a guy that had just landed his little inflatable gave me and a mate a hand. I reckon i would still be there now and the boat in a million pieces if he didnt.

If your out there THANKS!!!!!

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