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Strange White Bugs?


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i have a question if anyone knows the answer.

i went fishing at woy woy last wed afternoon through to thurs morning.

whilst the sun was up all was good and alot of little snapper and nibblers. but once the sun went down we started fishing with live baits (one squid the rest yakkas) and fresh squid. caught alot of eels, massive rays, one big shovel nose and one occy.

when we had the live yakkas out for around 30mins or so and brought them up to check they were covered in these white bug things that looked like the witch doctors you find inside some fish mouths but these things were covering the yakkas and eating them. a few i brought up were to the bone. as soon as we lifted the bait out of the water they released and jumped back into the water. there would be atleast 12 or so on each lift average.

the jewies came through only once the entire night through just about three tide changes and for only 5mins where we dropped 3 in the 5mins.

there was alot of that fosforus stuff in the water. water was cold. they were there through fast running water and dead still water. we fished from 7metres to 20metres and they were there.

i have a feeling these creatures were causing the lack of fish caught. does anyone know what these are or seen this before??? they totally destroyed every fresh bait live or dead.

Looking forward to answers.

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