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Fly Fishin For The First Time


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Hey everyone just wondering if i could get a hand i'm going to go try fly fishin for the first time up at the blue mountains in a couple of weeks just wonderin what was a good spot to go and what kinda flys you reconmend? and reel etc

thanks heaps Lesta

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G,day Lester

There are some great spots up in the mountains.

Oberon Dam is usually pretty good, the spot I usually go you get to by going into oberon and then turning left this road takes you heading towards black Springs. and Goulburn I think. Just after the Y intersection that you turn right at to go to Black Springs the road climbs a small rise and there is a little Lane that takes you down to a public access onto the lake. Anywhere in Oberon that sells tackle should be able to draw you a mud map.

Lake Lyell isnt too bad but Ive never done as well there as Oberon.

Lake Wallace on the other side of lithgow near the Power Station can be hot or cold Ive fished there and not seen a cracker but other times have been great. Along the dam wall fishing deep is good, or the park area on the Western side can be good but hard to fish as there is usually a band of weed just out from the bank 2 to 5 metres and the trout cruise along the edge of this and can be sight fished but dive into the weed when hooked

Thompson creek Dam is supposed to have some big fish but I have never fished there.

Stream wise I have fished the jenolan river, drive down to the caves and then follow the track down the river. get out cross the river and use the walking trail to go a couple of Ks downstream and then fish back up the river. Lots of undersized fish but youll get plenty of casting practice. the shrubberry is a bit thick in places and watch out for black snakes and nettles. Also be aware that ther is a limit to how close to the big pool at the caves entrance you can fish check your regulations.You can also access the jenolan further down but thats a long walk in really an overnighter. And best when the fish are running up from Warragamba.

The turon or Tuross (I cant remeber which) can be accessed from a fire trail that runs off the Kanagra Walls Rd. It can fish well but is pretty easy access so its best to head a fair way upstream or down before you start.

If you really get into it buy a map of the mts and pick out some likely looking streams and then get the Topo maps to suss out how you can get into them.Also check the full version of the fishing regs which has the list of rivers and streams that are classified as trout water, some good tips there.

As far as flys go dark olive woolly buggers for the lakes, is a safe bet. after dark a black muddler minnow fishe in twitches on the surface.

On the Streams, red tag geehi beetle yellow stimulator (grasshoppers) royal wulff the standard generic searching flies, fish with a small brown nymph on a dropper if you can. Handy to have a couple of flying ant and termite patterns tucked away, you wont see them every day but if the ants are flying youll kick yourself if you dont have some.

Hope that helps

Regards POGO

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