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Disposing Of 2stroke Fuel


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Hey guys.

I recently purchased my first boat off another raider.

The previous owner said the fuel in the tank is pretty old and needs replacing. There is about 30-50L in a below floor tank.

Any advice on how to dispose of it without causing much harm to the environment, costing me as little as possible?

I only have enough jerrycans for about half of this, any advice on what to siphon the rest into? my work disposed of big vegetable oil cans regularly, are these safe to use or is metal a bad idea?

Cheers guys.

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Hey guys, I own the boat with David and was just wondering if it would be safe to mix the fuel in with new fuel (Maybe 50/50) and put it in my car. It's a 1988 holden astra.

Thanks for any advice, Joel

Hi Joel, that would be fine mate, when I had an older car years ago mixing a bit of pre-mix fuel and straight fuel in the cars tank was fine and you will not notice anything.



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if you car runs a catalytic convertor the oil MAY cause it to deteriorate and block up. Seen this happen before a couple of times but the vehicles owners couldnt tell me how much oil was in the fuel

Otherwise you have heaps of lawnmower fuel

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Best way to dispose of old fuel is to add premium unleaded. (So long as it does not contain water)

Then burn it by going fishing.

Run it through any car pre 1986 as thats when Unleaded was introduced with Cat converters. If you run it in anything with a Cat converter you are asking for expensive repairs.

Good luck

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