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Iluka Squid


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I can tell you first hand squidding is not a very big activity in this part of the world. I am not saying that they are not around as they get in the shadow of the boat some times. I know the tackle stores stock jigs but sell very few! Maybe just take the info that you know put it into action and see what happens you might run into a un-tapped gold mine. I have often thought of giving it a run but that can be hard as I have enough choices already. good luck, look for the same enviro's as you usually try and give it a go.

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The northern rivers are my favourite spots to fish in NSW! Im not sure about the squidding up there though, as mentioned above its not that popular as big mullet and gars are in plentiful supply for inshore baits. The fishing is second to none though and i rekon if you have ago around some of the jetties at night near the lights you might get onto a few, they have to be there! Let me know how you go because il probably be heading up there over christmas to!

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