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Sydney Harbour Charter Anyone?


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Hi kids, i was just going through some old fishing photos on my PC and found some from a Fishabout Charter i did with MickC and fellow fishraiders Pedro and Byron. It was a top day and good fun.

So is anyone keen to do a charter in the next month or two, assuming there is space? I'm keen while i have some spare time and there are some good kings around.

Haven't organised anything but its just a general feeler etc

Cheers PW

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Guest MarkD


Keep me in the loop, would be keen subject to availability i.e. :wife: Weekends only are the go until July for me...



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G'day PW,

That was indeed a great day out with Mick C.

I have a mate who is super keen to get involved, and I would also be interested depending on the dates...a few booked up weekends in the calender right now.

Keep me posted mate.


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My cousin and I were discussing this very topic earlier today

We would be interested

There would be approx 4 of us minimum

Sunday is best for us as with kids soccer

Let us know costs / proposed dates etc

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Ahh the feelers have been felt, good to hear of some interest!

Haven't organised anything yet, will keep everything in mind and get some more concreet details posted asap.

I would prefer mid week as less boats on Syd Harbour and in my experience more fish - but we shall see.

Cheers PW

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