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My 2 Cents Worth Putney Ramp


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Hey All

Would anyone agree with me when i say that the boat ramp at kissing point Putney really needs some concrete cuts put in like Wharf rd Ermington for better grip? at low tide my hilux 2wd slips pulling out a fiberglass 17ft half cab if i was to go any bigger i think i would have real problems low tide only

with all these fees we pay and the waterways or who ever this belongs to can put a few saw cuts in pretty poor if you ask me hey its friday and i feel like a winge

and god help me if i ever catch the animals dumping their rubbish at the back of wharf road parking


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Oddly enough, I have no problems launching or retrieving from that ramp. Perhaps your asking too much of your light vehicle to retrieve such a heavy boat?

I launch and retrieve a 14 foot fibreglass boat from that very ramp , with a Pajero, in 2 wheel drive , at high , low and middle tide .

Obviously , I prefer High Tide , but even at low tide , I am able to put the boat on the trailer , and drive slowly away from the ramp .

Admittedly , there is a significant amount of moss on the ramp, but it has never been an issue for me.


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