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Suprising Catch In The Harbour


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This arvo I was prepping myself for an early morning yak. Having not even picked up a rod for about 2.5 weeks, just handling my gear got me all pumped up and I couldnt wait until tomorrow. With only about 15 minutes before it's too dark to fish with placcies, I wandered down to my local spot in the harbour. All I had was my rod, 1 atomic prawn on a 1/40th jighead and my pliers. Flicked around some rocky snags and I hookup to one thinking oh well back home then, but thankfully she pulls loose. Decide to try over the other side where there's a big catamaran just within casting distance. Already now, I can hardly see my line and it's becoming difficult to fish. Just a few casts at this boat and I'll go home. Got a good cast right in close on the starboard side...... wait...... few jiggles....... wait....... line movement looked suspicious *strike*bang I'm on! This thing feels weird. Solid, but like nothing I've ever felt before (because I haven't). I kept saying, this cant be a bream.... but what the hell is it then?! Get her in close, and I see that huge gob and gold skin glistening in the park lights. Could it be?!! In closer and I see the unmistakable shape of a beautiful Estuary Perch. I know because I've been staring at the fisheries flyer stuck on my wall for bloody ages thinking about how I'd love to catch one. I swam her over to a little sandy patch and landed her with the biggest smile my face has felt for too long. Absolutely beautiful fish, I measured her on my rod and came up 40cm. I wish I had the camera, but that image is gonna stay in my head till the day I die. She happily swam off into the dark, never to be seen again.

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