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Quick Harbour Squiddy


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Just a quick report..

after weeks of no fishing, and that itching feeling coming on, decided to head down for a flick of a few plastics in the harbour.. low expectations, as i missed the high tide (got there at about 10:30pm), and have found the spot to fish best on the last 2 hours of the run up...

after about 10 or so casts, not as much as a single touch... wind was also blowing a bit making it difficult to fish plastics effectively.. so decided to tie on a squid jig...

on the third cast managed this guy...



Despite my best efforts, that was it for the night.. only a 2 hour session, but better than coming home empty handed...

i noticed this squiddy, which you can kind of see in the pic, had a nice fluoro marking along the sides, and around the hood near the head. have never seen this on a squid before...

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Yeh i too notice that glowing outline of the squid. Maybe its the lighting? haven't seen that before.

I myself caught 3 nice sized arrows in port hacking last night. Restocked on bait, hope to use them to end my fish drought. Might even try to get some jewies with them.

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Nice one mate. Good to hear you got out.

Thats a tasty little treat you caught.

Hope to catch up soon!

Yes Sir.. indeed very tasty!

Some spicy salt, dusted in flower... an straight into the fryer...

Add some garlic aioli to the mix.. and what a treat it was...


Yeah should definitely get togethe rfor a quick flick some time soon... will bemuch easier with the warmer weather around the corner

:1fishing1: AJ

Nice Squid, we fished Wednesday morning and our total was one squid about the same size. a bit quiet out in the harbour at the moment? :(

Yeah, is a bit quiet.. Last time I went for a flick.. smae spot (about 3 weeks ago) managed a donut... :(

A bit odd... ususally catch something even if undersized, and when all else fails, the squid usually come to the party... should start to liven up in the coming weeks...

Yeh i too notice that glowing outline of the squid. Maybe its the lighting? haven't seen that before.

Definitely not the lighting, when I was cleaning ths squid, he had a fluoro strip in the skin layer in the 'glowing areas' you can see on the photo...



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