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Anyone Fished Como ?


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I was looking to get down the Georges River and fish the Como area (Land Based with SP).

I was wondering if anyone can either PM or reply post with a decent Lizard spot that produces.

I was led to beleive that there are some decent Lizards down that way but at this stage I have only referenced the UBD and it looks fishy.

Any details most appreciated.

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G`day Fellas ,

Land based is a bit hard ian , but there are some good parks there now , and close to the waters edge where it would be woth while having a try.

I don`t know wether or not the Baths are still there , but My li`l fellas used to have a lot of fun fishing from it on Picnic days .

If you can make your way where Mangrove Island is , I used to get some whopping big lizards , the odd bream , and heaps of Good sized flounder, drifting down the main channel towards the como rail Bridge.

There is also a shallow chanel that can be fished from the shoreline , on the other side of the Island , but I never did , though always thought it could be worth a try.

Failing that , it might be worth heading down to the Bonnet Bay foreshores where I see on a cartoscope Map , there are now parks that go all the way to the water.

Good luck either way mate.


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Guest Jocool

There is a rail bridge that runs across to Como, right next to Como Boatshed. Granted I was in a tinny, but I have scored some horse bream close to shore...real close to shore!

As for big lizards...Me and my brother got towed around by a croc when fishing there one night! It was well over a meter long, but my brother dropped it as he was pulling it into the boat! :risata: It was going back in anyway! :thumbup:

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