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Harbour Friday 4th Sep


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Headed out Friday with a mate and first plan was to pick up some livies in Bantry Bay - no good :mad3: so headed out to the heads to look for birds and have a troll - heaps of birds around but couldn't pick any schools up on the sounder so dropped the pick at S + P and started burleying. Started really well with a couple nice trevs in the boat after 15 mins but then suddenly mate's rod buckles right over I called it for a snag cos he couldn't make any ground on it - then my rod does the same thing - eventually drag two port jackson's off the bottom

well for the next hour we spent the whole time dragging PJ's off the bottom and letting them go again before calling it quits - was very frustrating after catching those trevs

Beats catching nothing though

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Could have been the same PJs kept getting caught. One day off cronulla we caught the same PJ four times and then we moved. First time swallowed the hook which we cut off while it was still in the water, second time the hook broke, left half a hook in the jaw and a piece of line on the other side. Third time took the hook out which left a mark in the jaw. last time it had half a hook a bit of line and a hole in each side of its mouth. You would think that after being pulled up lifted out of the water and then thrown back it would have swum away and hid, we moved instead.


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