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Patonga Flatties

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, finished work early today so I thought that it was time to try for some flatties at Patonga.

Arrived about 2:00pm and went for the long walk around the Dark Corner rocks, 20 mins later I had my first cast with a plastic.

It was slow at first with only one strike for the first hour and a half, I constantly move around and change plastics if things are slow. About 4 ish things picked up, I scored a nice flatty, then dropped a good one, played with a small one that I managed to do a bit of one handed photography with, shortly after I pulled in another couple and dropped one more.

The berkleys worked best today 3" Banana Prawn and 4" Chartruse Minnow, 1/8th ouce jighead.

Got back to my car about 5:30 and I was about to fillet the flatties when I heard the rumbles of thunder and some large rain drops, so I left the filleting job for home.

So that was my pleasent arvo, it was great to get a few on the plastics, love the way flatties slam 'em...

On the way to patonga (Lion Island )







The gear I used today


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Hi Ray,

Love your pics... You sure know how to take a photo!!!

Nice Flatties also perfect eating size.

And thanks for the info on the baits used I might have to give that a bash on of these days as I am a old school bait fisher and need to get with the times.



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nice one ray! im hitting botany bay in the morning with a mate so hopefully i will do just as good as you.

we seriously thought about fishing the patonga area but decided that there should be some good blurters around in the bay and maybe some decent lizards as well.

great catch mate and thanks for your help the other day!


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So that was my pleasent arvo, it was great to get a few on the plastics, love the way flatties slam 'em...

"Pleasant!! - bit of an understatement Ray! Another great report. :thumbup: Those three flatties will make a top meal! The scenery shots are fantastic too. What a beautiful place to fish.

I like the "one-handed" photos of the flathead in the water.



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