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Any Computer Ppl Out There?


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Hi there Paul,

What internet provider are you with and what is the name of the company that makes the router? give them a ring and they should transfer you to someone that can help take you through the process of resetting your router if you cannot get your head around it yourself, im sure they will be happy to help you. Hope that helps, it worked for me anyway :)

Cheers Young Gun :biggrin2:

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Yes it is possible to reset the password on your wireless router. But you just need to reconfigure it.

By holding onto the reset button for about 10-15 sec will reset the router to your factory default settings

Next you need to find how to access your router configuration on your browser by typing the URL (it depends what model you have). For example the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router you type into the adress bar.

Thats what you have to find out first, once you have access to that page its pretty simple from there, its hard to explain when i dont know what router you have.

Or you can follow young gun's advice and im sure your internet provider will help you!

Justin :1fishing1:

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Juzza is spot on. The comment above that is useless. Use the reset button on your router. If you can get online on another computer or connection just google the name of your router and find out how to log into that. If there is no wireless connection, which it sounds like the isnt, you will need a physical cord connection and then just type in the web address like you would any address. It happened to me some time ago but going through the process of reconfiguring your router you will learn a lot. Good luck young man.

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Thanks for the replies guys....i had a bit more of a play and managed to remember my password to get in the router.....from here i found the network key which i punched in to the new pc....i then went back in to the router on the old pc and it had found the new computers mac adress which i just allowed the router to use and to my amazement im using the new one now to type this message. :beersmile: ...thanks for the help..... paul

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