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Narrabeen Lakes


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Good Evening Raiders,

Just wondering if any of you Guys & Girls have fished the lakes at Narrabeen Lately?

I normally fish under the bridge near the shopping center for bream but have not been there for a while.

Anyone had any luck there lately?

Last time I fished there was around march and I remember throwing slices of bread into the water and they would literally get smashed before my eyes...

Might have to take the wife and daughter there for an afternoon bash.


Nathan :1fishing1:

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Hey mate,

I was down there a couple of weeks ago and fished for about an hour without much luck, the water in the lake was pretty bloody cold. Tried a few different spots, the end of wimbledon avenue seemed to be the best one but it was a bit crowded. Also tried up near the opening to the lagoon but the tide was running in very fast and I couldn't get any of my SPs to stay down. Then the wind picked up and pretty much blew me home.

But talking to a local, he did say a bloke pulled out a 16kg jewie from the lake about a month ago, so if the conditions are good, im sure you'll have a chance for something.



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Hey there, Ive been fishing in the lake a fair bit recently. I tend to fish up under the bridge, where the lake opens up near the ocean. Using Sp's i have been getting decent flathead to 45cm there, not to bad for the lake. The bream are still under the bridge near the shops with the occasional flathead cursing past. Defiantly worth a go, might even catch a nice jewie if you time it right.

Best of luck,

Cheers YG :beersmile:

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Hey mate.. did you get out there today? how'd it go?



Sorry Did not manage to make it as the Mrs wanted me to spend some time with her and bubs.

but I will try and spare the time in the next week or 2 hopefully,

By what Ive seen and read there has not been allot of land based action this weekend which makes me feel a little better as I did not miss out on that much.

But I might have to go squidding through the week to get my fish fix!!! :1fishing1:



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