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Blackies And Mates On A Top Morning


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hi guys,

i managed to get a pass out for a early morning fish for blackies today so aranged with a couple mates to hit the pitty blacky population again...

i only had to 10am so got to the spot in pittwater around 6.45 and had baits and burly dispatched soon after...

the fish were once again fussy at times (seems to be a regular thing of late) throughout the morning they came on for short periods and at times we had multiple fish on..

the burly helped to bring them from there hiding place out in the deep but they were moving around alot today and not content on staying put for too long..

again there was alot of downs missed by all and i lost what was prob fish of the day after a very spirited fight by a big bronzed beast to have the hook pull right at the lip of the net,yes guys that loud echo throughout the nth beaches and pitty around 9am was me :1prop: ...

my tally for the day was 7 fish to 35cm and i think justin got about 5 to 36cm well done mate and i hope you picked up a few things today to help you in the future..

my other 2 mates got about half a dozen i think also..

not a bad 3hr session and how good was the weather,fair dinkum it felt like summer out there :thumbup: ..

some of the fish were full of our burly and my 34 & 35cm ones were full of bloody ribbon weed..

here is a pic of fish before cleaning..



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Great report Steve. Some of those blackies are as fat at barrels :1yikes:

Reference your comment about their bellies being full of ribbon weed, does that mean it would be effective as bait/berley? Well done on another productive session mate :thumbup:



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Good blackfish session Steve......

We enjoyed your visit yesterday mate...Shirley forgot to remind me tell you to sleep over one Friday night and we'll have a Georges / Botany Bay general boat session on the Saturday morning and fish back for blackfish.....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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