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After My First Jew


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My mission for these holidays is to catch a jewfish, my dream is to catch a monster but it might sound a bit too ambitious for the time being, so my first step would be to catch any sized jew fish.

Firstly, is there any land based spots around sydney so i can catch the bait (squid)?

Secondly, where can i get my first jew, beach,rock,wharf...wherever?

thanks, blake

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I am a amatuer at catching jewfish. Over the past few weeks there have been some great reports on nice jewfish all around sydney. Try having a dig into some of the old posts and source abit of info from there. Ben aka wttmrwolf got a very nice 14k jewie off the beach yesterday morning. Worth having a dig back into previouse posts.

Cheers YG :1fishing1:

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Word around ryde is that at this stage of the moon last month someone pulled a decent jew from the river at the new wharf at meadowbank.I have not tried there myself,but I know there is a mark on a nearby wharf where somebody got a 25kg beast last year.Also ,the pro fishermen who used to target the river (netting) say there is a series of holes from Cabarita Marina to Ryde Bridge,mostly on the southern side of the channel.All the best,and hope you succeed in getting your first butterfish.

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