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Late Sundie Report


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Hey Raiders,

Just a quick one to report on a late Sundie Session in Sydney Harbour.

Bait: Nippers

Location: Sydney Harbour

Weather: Clear, no wind

Water: Light Current picked up on the run out

Time Fished: 4:30PM - 10 PM

Fished Caught: 1 Whiting (38cm), 6 Bream (smallest was 700g), 1 sapper (throwback) one starfish :1prop:

Fishing was consistant, no periods where it died off but we'd pick up one every 20 mins or so... great session to spend with the old man...

enjoy the picks,,, happy to give out more info upon request.





Iss :thumbup:

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Well done Iss.

Love the report format :)

Maybe the Mods can do that up as a template???

Seems like a great format, but I also like the fact yu can put in whatever you like and have a good ol' rant.

Maybe this could be the way to start the report- ie. sets the scene

then you can rant on or off all you friggin like.

great report mate, great fish, perfect eating size.


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