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Any Good ? 8hp Mercury


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Hey guys, seen this for sale

mercury outboard motor 8hp as new condition only 2hrs use, complete with 12litre tank and fuel hose. short leg


do you think its worth $1300 ??

anything to look out for on this model??

cheers :)

Hi, nothing really wrong with this model and with so little work it will be fine. They are not as nice as the US made 8HP Mercs with the gearshift in the handle, very cool trim/tilt and all the other features of that US engine, but because these are made by TMC (who Merc owns half of) the 8HP in the picture was cheaper so Merc discontinued the US made one.

As for the price new ones range from $1600-$1850 depending if a dealer is selling old stock so your call on the price.



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