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Hawksbury Tomorrow Morning? Worth Going


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hey raiders im slowly saving up for a tinny of my own although and having withdrawels lol. I wanna hire a boat in the hawksbury from brooklyn tomorrow and i am just wondering weather there are any fish on there. If so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could please point me in the general direction i could pick up a flatty or 2. I will be using bait. Most likely prawns squid and pillies. Cheers gary.

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G'day Gary.

You must be a neighbour of mine. Kings Langley here also (Nicholson Cres).

Anyway, reading the reports here lately it seems there is not much happening on the Hawkesbury, but that is not to say it won't start firing this weekend.

You say you will be using squid, pillies etc. You will increase your chances markedly if you get fresh bait rather than frozen servo stuff. Have you ever tried soft plastics? They work very well on flatties and I have caught many under the road bridge, just cast and retrieve.

A drift between the bridges is always a good start, but behind the islands and around oyster leases can be productive. An hour either side of the top of the tide is a good time for bream.

Good luck and enjoy your day. It seems like it is going to be another nice weekend.


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