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South West Rocks

capo dei capi

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Hi fishraiders me and some friends will be heading down towards south west rocks towards the end of november start of december, we have a boat that we would be confident taking fairly offshore (not to far) :wacko: , however i was just wondering if anyone knows much about this area and what type of fish are caught at this time, the reason we decided to go was to chase some big fish but from what ive read end of november and start of december is right inbetween the runs of various fish, so if you could give me a few tips or even some spots you can PM me if you like i would be very appreciative

thanks guys

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Hi Pescatore

Yeah That time of year is average, I go up on a boys weekend on the third weekend in November every year. It is nearly always blowing and we normally miss a day of fishing which means early to the pub!!!!! We normally get pearl perch, bar cod out wide and at fish rock the Kings are nearly all undersize. The bar will be your biggest obstacle as it has been fairly ordinary every year to say the least. We were followed out by a smallish boat last year who dogged the bar at the last minute and was lucky not to be swamped so take care!


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