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Gps/combo Power Usage


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Hi everyone [[ Asking this question for my uncle :) ]]

Just a question regarding the power usage of a Lowrance Fishfinder Combo Model HDS-5 (50/200) I am intending to buy.

I have contacted Navico and they say it uses around 1 Amp which is great but it has a listed output watts as 250/32, which don't add up.

Am I missing something...need some advice to be sure for correct battery install (including other equipment).


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When talking current draw you are not concerned with the output watts of the unit...for want of a better explanation you are concerned with the 'input' watts of the unit.....how much power the unit needs to run its own electronics and supply power for the output transducer.... unless someone begs to differ i would believe navico....1 amp.....even if they are out by a little bit you should be putting as bigger battery as you can and if you are right on the limit of the battery i would be upsizing anyway..... good luck....

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