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Long Reef 19/9


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Launched at 5.30 with a couple other yaks (Josh and Johnny) into a lovely calm sea and 2-3kt of westerly to push us out to sea. The ramp was nice and quiet due to the maitenance works so no worry of a boat coming up behind unannounced on the way out.

My sounder was complaining that the was battery low so I kept it off till I got near the front of longy which put me off a bit as I follow the contours to keep sense of where I am. Dropped a squid strip over the side a also a 5in gulp. A few minutes later and Josh misses a good hit, then I hook up and 40cm of dinner sized red comes into the yak. Re set the drift and got ready to do it again, when Johnny called kings on the surface about 100mtrs away, I stuck with the snapper fishing and left him to it and he a got a couple of rats. A few more good hits and it went quiet apart from pike, butchers and other rubbish, there were heaps of big yakkas under the yak but I had left the bait line at home.

The sounder seemed to settle over time and kept working, Johnny saw a shark which I missed, he is now annointed chief shark spotter. I headed in with Johnny at 8am as it slowed right down, a whole host of yaks joined us about 7.30 but it was all over, water was very clear and a warmer 17.4C. Lovely day to be out.


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