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Ray And Pete Around The Rocks

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, Pete (mercer007) and I went around the rocks at Avoca this morning,

beaut morning , great sunrise, but the fishies were not playing today.

We scored a few small (35cm) flatties small reddies and some other bits and

pieces, there was a south roll today so the lower ledges were at a bit dicey,

it wasn't too bad but still had to keep a close eye on things.

As per usual I grabbed a few snaps, only wish it was of some nice fish,

I'm thinking that things will pick up from here cause it is low at the moment

Enjoy the pics Raiders... :thumbup:

The Sunrise..


And the sun shines out of....................


Me retrieving...


..and the result, right species wrong size..


Pete in action..


Pete's little male baker..


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