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Sydney 19/09/09

delta hbar

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Hi all,

Long time between posts, I know. Sorry.

Went out yesterday launching at Rose Bay at 0430. Found out we bumped into another raider VA911 after reading his report. Congrats on the red.

Went for live bait, JA picks up a 33cm bream on a bait jig, so I lob one in too and pick up a 34cm bream. MT then picks up a thumper squid, 40cm hood. No livies.... so we head out. post-695-1253444675_thumb.jpg

We meet VA911 again and he tells us he's just lost a big red. We motor on a little further and give it a crack. Not much happening. Couple of wrasse around.

We change spots and I get a double header of Amberjack. Then another on it's own.

While moving spots, we see a bait school being busted up by a couple of seals and dolphins. post-695-1253444779_thumb.jpg

As we come towards north head we see some boats chasing a school of fish. We didn't know what they were but we started throwing whatever we had at them. We end up with 2 salmon, 2 trevors and 2 yakka. All the boats were great, no one driving through the school, giving each other space etc. Very civil. We did manage to see a whale chasing the school around too. It was only small as we thought it was a shark at first but when it surfaced, it was a whale. Would anyone know what sort of whales we get out of Sydney. It was only small, not a hump back or anything.

Could it be a minke?

That was all for the day.post-695-1253444779_thumb.jpg

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That's one eventful day you had! Fish busting up, dolphins, seals and whales chasing fish, and you also picked up a nice mixed bag.

Some very nice pictures there as well, that squid is a thumper and the pic of the dolphins really captures the action. Great job :thumbup:

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