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Parramatta River In The Tinny


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Hi guys,

This morning me and a friend headed out in the little tinny to see if the parramatta river had started to warm up again, we didnt leave until 10am and werent expecting much, it was more just to get the tinny on the water again and burn some petrol :1prop:

After about 2 hours of throwing plastics for donuts we found a nice spot tucked in behind the marina at cabarita, with small tailor taking everything around us and the shoreline looking good for flattys, we decided to have a go.

After about 5 or so casts i managed to hook up to a nice flatty on a squidgy stickbait and after a short fight i had the flatty sitting in the environet. she measured about 47cm.

We then moved on to the bridge further up the river, just near the wharf and boatramp. I dropped down a 5inch stickbait and immediatly got hooked up, JEW JEW i thought to myself but when i brought it up i was surprised to see a fat healthy bream of 33cm. This fish was one of the fattest bream that i have ever seen, and weighed a tonne.


After that fish it went off the bite and we called it quits not long after.

It was a great day out on the water with my friend and was awesome to get a couple of nice fish as well.


JB :1fishing1:

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