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My wife and i took our 6 year old out on the boat on the Hawkesbury on Saturday. We went round the corner towards the 1st Bridge and drifted. We caught 2 keepers, (1 flathead and 1 sweep) and a zillion reddies. Our 6 year old had as much fun catching the 8 cms reddies as he did the flathead.

Didnt take any pics because we were too excited!!!

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thats awesome stuff harold! I love seeing young kids excited over catching fish.

one time I was catching small undersize bream up in qld and when the young boy fishing next to me wasnt looking I slipped one on his hook and casted the line back out .

when he wound the line in he thought he had caught the fish and you couldnt smack the smile from his face! good to see you grooming the next generation of fishraiders!


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