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Botany Bay (pretty Quiet The Last Couple Of Weeks)


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Hi Fishraiders just posting a quick report.

Went out to the bay for the fishing social the other week with my uncle(bass bulli) and cousin (mini mistro), and had fished from saturday night through to sunday,early morning for a jewie without success.

Once the sun was up we decided to head to a favourite spot for some flatt's on SP,mini mistro managed to get a 42cm flatty which is up on the social awards page and i managed to get 2 decent size squid.

I went out with a mate for a jewie session again on saturday night, and had one run in which i struck to early and missed a jewie.We decided to have a rest and woke up in the morning to see if we could go pick up a flattie or squid,though didnt like our chances as the wind had picked up and the water was choppy.We got to our spot and started flicking a few lures out and managed to get a 45cm flatty and a trevally.

Not many fish overall though still had great company and a great time.

The bay has been a little quiet the last couple of weeks,though i hope it picks up over the next month or two when the water temp makes a significant rise.

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fished just off towra for 4 trevally, 1 flathead and a flounder another month or so and it should start to pickup.

On Sunday 13/9 we hit the bay about 9.00am. Low tide. Went over near Captain Cook's landing place not expecting much because we were late. The wife hooked up 4 flatties of 40 to 55cm plus a little octopus that abandoned ship quickly. I got a nice flounder of 33cm (the little bugger even bit me!) a 40cm flattie and a Port Jackson of more than a metre. An interesting variety and the best we have done all winter. The water is up to 17 degrees.

There were other things nibbling, probably trevally or bream, but they just didn't hook up. Anyway, a fun morning and it looks like the Bay is warming up with flathead.

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