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Transporting A Hobie Kayak


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hey guys and gals

i've recently purchased myself a new hobie sport kayak.

i'm yet to take her out for a spin till i get my new racks for

the car. i was just doing some searches and i've been seeing two

ways of loading it onto racks. some upright with kayak carriers and

some upside down straight onto the racks. was just wondering if i could get any raiders

with a hobie or similar shaped yak opinion on how they transport theres.

also im only 60kg and 5'7 if that may play a roll

thanks everyone

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Hi Tricks

Congrats on your new yak! I have a Sport & just love it! Only being 3m in length ...... depending on what vehicle you have ...... you can even get away with laying the front passenger seat down, putting a tarp or carpet thru from the rear of your vehicle to the front seat & just slide the whole yak into your vehicle, without having to even remove your seat & accessories!! I do this in my campervan when travelling on my own.

When I get home (I am travelling in Qld just now) , I will post up pics of another inovative method of loading a yak onto roof racks. Some find it easier to load from the front of the vehicle, others from the rear. Some even do it from the side. With the sport being shorter than the others, you don't have the benefit of that extra length for the lifting tho. In my little ute at home, I just slide it onto the back of the ute (with rubber protection over the rear gate), once again leaving all my gear on the yak! Takes 2 mins to be on the road!



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