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How Dopey Was This Guy?


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G'day Raiders,

Flanman and the Big Mac managed a leave pass on Saturday night to go and sit under the Spit Bridge and drink beer.......Oh I mean sit under the Spit Bridge and chase squid.

The beer was good the squid were not.

As we floated around the pylons we thought we would try out the Big Muns' latest toy. That is, a battery operated LED light on the end of a pole that turns on when immersed in the water. Wow it was bright.

Anyhoooooow, we could hear fish jumping around in the area so Flanman switched to SP to see what they were. 3 very stinky pike later, we realised that they were pike.

It was then that we noticed this fin breaking the surface of the water about 10 feet from the boat. It was this little guy doing his best Jaws impersonation. The Big Mun grabs his light on a stick thingy and pops it in the water only to have Bruce here swim straight towards it. Big Mac then, calm as you like, reached into the water and picks him up for a photo.

If he wants to get to the 12kg size that I have read in other reports, he is going to need to learn not to swim towards big blokes with lights on sticks!

For the record Bruce went about 20cms and 100grams.


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