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Browns Bottom Bash


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Went out on Saturday with my home made electric reel and caught 3 gem fish and 2 cods.

Does anyone know if either fish should be bled?

G'day Jerry,

from my previous experience in the seafood game blue eye is best preserved by heading and gutting immediately after catching.



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Nice fish mate.

Its good to see that the gemmies have slowed down a bit giving the blue eye a chance to grab the bait.

We usually bleed the fish and keep it as cool as possible after capture.

They are all beautiful eating.

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Nice fish and very unique reel!!

I dont think any fish will not benifit from immediate bleeding and icing down. We bleed all fish to be kept and within minutes ice them down.



Totally agree!!

Well done mate solid effort out wide...

Let us know when dinners ready ;)



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