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Norfolk Isl.

dave nagy

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I got off the phone from my brother today who lives on Norfolk.

You kinda know the feeling when someone is telling you someting and you can feel yourself sinking.

Well i got that today

He told me the weather was perfect (but it has been blowing for the last 3 week) and that he was going for a tuna troll this afternoon.

He went out yesterday and trolled for about 40 nm with 0's until he came backs to the shore line were the fin were. As the sun was going down the got 2 to 30kg and lost acouple off the stones.

Being thay have to winch the boats in and out they had to leave the fish to get the boat in.

When they got back they found out that some of the kids got a fin with a hand line from the shore as they were after kingies.

I just checked the emails and ther was noting from him, which may be a pisser.

They may of caught a heap and are still cleaning them or he just forgot to emial me

I have to talk him into joining to give everyone up dates

He just got plans for a 25 footer today hence the ph call.

Once he builds the boat he wants to start fishing charters as they are going to build a marina over ther soon( Sometime)

Dont forget that Norfolk is only about 100nm north of Wanganalla Bank

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