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Georges River, Sunday The 3rd


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Hi Folks,

Been a while since I posted a report, mainly because, while I have been catching fish lately, none of them have been worth photographing. Headed out this morning about 7am, was a beautiful day, and at that point only a very light breeze. Headed over to Woolooware Bay, which I have been fishing a bit lately. Heaps of hits under the boats and barges there, and my mate dropped a nice one near the boat. I picked up a fat little 27 to the fork, then we headed over to the oyster leases in Woolooware Bay and had a quick flick there for zip (it was low tide and only 2-4 feet deep). At this stage the wind had picked up a little more, so we headed back to the river and into the Kogarah bay boats. Again quite a few hits, but they were tentative. Finally I picked up a fish on an Ecogear Tank. It didn't pull too hard, so I was a bit shocked when I saw it. It basically came straight up, then sat stationary in the water shaking its head trying to throw the hook, then one short run and we netted it. Went 34cm to the fork, and the best bream I've caught in a long while. Went on to get another 29 to the fork which pulled much harder than the bigger one. My mate picked up the obligatory undersized flatty before we moved on. Drifted the bank just beyond Como bridge, then hit a few pontoons on the way back for zip. Heaps of boat traffic and wind kept building. Finished the morning fishing the boats in Gawley Bay for more hits and follows but no hookups. Wind was howling by the time we got out at midday. Seems to be plenty of fish about at the moment, just wish I could have converted a few more hits into hookups...




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Guest fishrunner

nice report there mate , haven't tried the georges very much, have to give it a go, looks worth it!,. cheers

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:1happybday:  Ben.

I've been wondering where you've been hiding. It's good to see you've been getting that plastic boat wet and been getting into some fish.  :biggrin2:


Gee thanks swoff, but, umm, my b'day was on January 1!

My "career change" means I'm not online as much as I used to be, so I have been a little quiet on the forums - just lurking. Will catch up with you at the Pittwater day shortly - will you be in Byrons beautiful Poly or your tin can? :1prop:

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