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Circular Quay


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I saw an old bloke fishing with a hand line just to the right of wharf 5 about 6:45pm tonight. Despite the ordinary weather he was out there braving it and pulled up a stonker of a bream - must have been 35cm.

Just wondering whether fishing is allowed down there? I didn't think it was, but he wasn't doing anyone any harm!



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G'day James,fishing is banned from all commuter wharves in the harbour,due to "insurance issues".The ferries guys let the old guys fish there as a lot of them are homeless and are known by them as locals .Don't know if I'd be ingesting anything from there or west of there as there are over 250 boat movements in /out of the quay daily.I guess you wouldn't have to oil the pan when you cook them,though.

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up until they put a lot more of the buffers in between 2 and 3 we used to get loads of luderick and also in the corner of 2 heading east that was about 5 years ago always saw good bream on first light cruising, my old man knew a lot of the ferry guys and they used to let him fish so long a she cleared his mess up and stayed outta the way of commuters. Only wharves he never was allowed to frequent were the zoo and manly.

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