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Birthday Bling


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It's not often that I get fishing gear for my b'day... something about "you've already got too much" or other such reasoning. :1badmood:

I've finally been given my pressie (I picked it up myself a few weeks ago after being given the green light but haven't been allowed to play with it since). A Daiwa Catalina Stick 762H and a Daiwa Exceller Oceano 4500J.

The outfit is basically a light 7'6" jigging outfit but I got it because it's ideal as an extra heavy soft plastic rig for my trips to Magnetic Island. It's a genuine 30lb outfit that's light enough to cast all day with but can pull the back end out of a bus.

I've got a feeling it's going to become one of my favourite outfits because of its versatility... it will work beautifully for heavy plastics, light jigging, throwing poppers and big metals, bottom fishing, live baiting and even trolling for baby blacks on the Gold Coast (although heaven help me if I hook one over 30kg on a 7'6" rod... ouch).

Can't wait.


Cheers, Slinky

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Nice prezzy mate.

The tackle these days just blows me away!

The amount of power and usable drag pressure is just incredible out of tinny light sticks and reels that weigh bugger all and line, my pubes are thicker!!!

Yesturday I recieved my copy of the latest Zane Grey book "Tales of the dohhh" and looking at the photos of the tackle used back in the 1920's, it's amazing he caught and landed with what gear was used. 500lb swordies on line that looked thicker than my outrigger cables!

Just makes his achievments even greater I suppos.


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