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The $173 Bream


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:1prop::1fishing1: Finally caught a fish I can keep.Went to northwest side of the bridge today to get some fresh air (which requires fishing)and lo and behold, I got this sucker on the second cast.I've been trying out some of the old grounds lately and it hasn't been good.Lots of v.small squire and a few pinkies about 23/24cm, but no bream.Until today.So after spending the aforementioned $173 in bait over the last 11 weeks, I finally got a payback.I think he's been getting his fair share of my bait as he was fat.Didn't weigh him,but he went 27 cm to the fork and over 45mm thick,and full of fat . YeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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