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Help Needed With 25 H/p Merc


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Gday raiders i am stuck with what to be looking at


Put the boat in , squeeze the primer bulb untill hard, pull the cord and off she goes , starts firt pull every time , In the past 3 outings have the same problems. A couple of kms up the river the engine starts to die then kicks back in ,then, slows up ,then back, untill it then stalls.Therefore i pull the choke a couple of times and a restart intantly and off i go again, smooth sailing for 30 seconds,sometimes a minute or two,then the same thing. (frustrating)

Im unsure what the go is , the fuel hose is new,,so is the primer bulb,and yes it remains fairly hard,i dont re pump it each time , just pull the choke to squirt a drop of fuel in carby to get me started.

Also once i have stopped and fished for half an hour or sometimes not even 20 mins i start her up (no probs) but then when i accellerate she winds back down and stalls almost intantly , resulting in me priming with the choke a couple of times to restart and be on my way without it happening.

Any help or suggestions would be kindly appreciated. I always like to understand my problem and try to have a crack at fixing myself if i can , also a good learning curve. If all fails im happy to send it off to get a good once over from a marine mechanic. I look after it and it still looks only a day old , always cleaned out after use and lubed up every time after use , definatly no neglect.

Thanks again for any help i recieve. cam.

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Gday mate,

I too, had a similar problem with the motor on my first boat. I found that the problem was air gettining into the fuel line. I just renewed the entire fuel line and that fixed the problem. My fuel line was quite old and the connections to the tank and to the motor appeared to be loose.


Balmain Bob :1fishing1:

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Guest Aussie007

if u have tried the above by undoing the releaf valve and your still having troubles it could be a blocked jet in the carby or it could be jelly like stuff or even off fuel in your fuel hose take the connector off of both ends and tip the fuel out of the hose into a clear container so u can inspect it if its bad with jelly like substance in it you will need to clean the carbies,fuel hose,tank very well

i agree it is a fuel issue

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could be the breather in the tank isnt big enough or the pickup is sucking onto the bottom/side of the tank. i have an older tank that my 50hp runs fine off, bought a new tank and it starves for fuel like you are saying. Still investigating with the new tank as to the cause of the problem

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