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Fishing Trip To Bowen/whitsundays


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Hey all,

I am thinking about planning a trip to Bowen and the Whitsunday Islands. My mate and I are going to drive up and take a 4m tinnie. We plan on doing a bit of exploration and lots of fishing.

My plan is to head out to middle island (out from bowen) to chase bluefin, queenfish and spanish macks. But we also plan on driving out to the whitsunday islands and having a look around there as well.

Does anyone know anything about the fishing there (please note we are not really interested in too much bottom bashing as we can do plenty of that back here). And is there any in close jigging?

The biggest question I have is with regard to the winds. I have been told there can be really nasty trade winds along that section of the coast. Are the winds particularly strong around december and if so, when is the best time of year to do a trip up that way?

We plan on crossing stretches of water up to 10km in a smallish boat and we want to have the least chance of being shorebound for our entire trip due to winds.

Thanks in advance.


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