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Port Keats Trip


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G'Day Raiders - first attempt at a post here...

Went on a trip out of Darwin Harbour and down to Port Keats for a seven day stay on a mothership with three tenders. After spending the first day flicking for Barra (without success) we went out wide and tried out luck on the troll.

My brother and I both used our 24kg Shimano T-Curve's, Shimano Tekota 800's and 80 pound Berkely whiplash with red and white deep divers.

After looking around for about an hour or so a big red bait ball showed up on the sounder and we had our first triple hook up for the trip - Spaniards all round. We continued right through until sunset with more multi hook ups and lots of fun until the ball dissapeared - along with the line screamers.

Best Mac for that afternoon weighed in just shy of 22kg. I've attached one of the pics...


The rest of the trip saw plenty more Spaniards, very few Barra (although a couple were well sized), and literally hundreds of Tricky Snapper which were easier to find than a leather jacket at the peak!

Here's cheers!

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