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Trolling With Sx-40's


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G'day Raiders

I just spent four days fishing Lake Lyel for trout and with very good results using the Ecogear SX-40 hard body lures.

I trolled for most of the time using the SX-40 and found them to be quite a good trolling lure for trout.

They were best trolled at a speed of less than 2 knots and at a distance of about 20 - 25 metres from the back of the boat.

I'm not sure as to the depth they were diving to but in some areas I was trolling over a depth of around 2.5 metres without the lure hitting the bottom of the lake.

The lures that were used and both coming up with equal hits were the #301 Gold Coast Special and the #306 Sydney Harbour Guppy.

cheers :beersmile:


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Howdy Hooky, good stuff on the Lake Lyel session. I have used the SX-40 a little on Trout up in the Snowies and so far it has taken a few decent Rainbows but that was all Shore Based spinning, not trolling.

How many Trout did you end up getting up there?



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G'day Matt

I was up there from 12 midday on Thursday and left at around 11 am yesterday.

I didn't keep count after Friday but it would have been at least 35+.

Lost fish at the boat were common and also lost fish after the initial strike.

When I got there on Thursday I started trolling with Tassie Devils but then I noticed a lot of small gudgeons in the shallows so I changed to the SX-40's.

A lot of the bigger 40+ cm fish were caught in 10 - 12 metres but the fish were cruising in the 3-4 metre range.

BTW, nightly campfire stories and alcohol consumption meant the days started at around 9 - 9.30am and we probably fished for around 6 hours per day.



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Nice work Hooky.

I've never been to Lyel, is it a big lake? I assume there's a boat ramp...


G'day Andrew

It is a big lake when it is full of water but even at 25% there is enough water to accomodate fisho's and skiers alike.

There are a couple of ramps but at the moment there is only one that is any good due to the water level.

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I went up there a few months back and it was closed to boats...I assume it has been re-opened then?


G'day Golden

It's been open to boats for a few months now but if the level keeps falling at the rate it is at the moment, it won't be long before it is closed to boats again. :thumbdown:

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