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No Wind But Still Hardly No Fish Either!


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Hi guys just a report of my fishing experience yesterday night.

Arrived at Balmoral wharf around 8:00pm, starting chasing yakka's and squid.

Managed to attach a livie on the big rod, and started to bait fish consistently. Around 40minutes pass, and friends calls me to say my rod with the livie jumped in the air to 1metre and hopped back down....

To my surprise i didnt adjust the drag... bummer!

Attach new livie and wait again, bait fishing!

Finally hear that beautiful sound ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ raced to my big rod waited waited waited and striked, but spat the hook again!!

UGHHHHHHHH :ranting2:

Last time i thought to my self, baited new yakka and off again!

after 10minutes i hear it again ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ this time i was not going to let it run away, hooked it correctly, put up a good fight, but i only felt minor head shakes, was thinking to my self if it was a big flattie!.

Saw the Fish come up, to my surprise, i thought it was a 8ft flattie!!!, but until it i got a closer look found out it was a port jackson! :(

around 4 ft and around 25kg+, took it out, found that this fella had busted alot of people , there was so many hooks inside his mouth.

Took it all out of his mouth, one quick photo and back in the water.

Hope i can get a REAL fish next time



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that PJ is always there...

i feel terrible for him, you would've thought he'd learn his lesson by now.

hopefully ill be able to get out tonight for a fish at balmoral.. would you believe last week people were pulling out 40cm bream around the wharf? i didnt believe it either until the guy showed me pictures on his phone with him holding the damn fish in his hands.

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