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Lake Lyell Rainbows


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Hey all,

Went for a fish today up in lake lyell with my girlfriend never been trout fishing before so i was excited went up there loaded with tazzie devils and a few rapalas so for the first two hours i couldnt get a thing so i was trying every lure i had finally found a lure that worked tazzie devil in rainbow trout colours first fish was a very healthy 30cm rainbow as i was searching through my bag looking for the camera i realized in all the rush i had left it on the kitchen table so started flicking around again and half an hour later hooked up to another one which felt alot bigger it started jumping around out of the water and within a few minutes i got it into the net measured up just on 41cm so i was pleased but in the next five minutes the rain and lightening set in and it was time to call it a day hopefully i wont forget the camera next time now there both off to the smoker mmmmmm


Cheers Bustoff

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After reading bustoffs report, went up to lyell last week and spun the banks

south from magpie hollow with small tassies in rainbow trout and pink for an hour and a half

with no action. Went to re-assess the situation at tarana pub for a while .

Back to the van park an hour before sunset got a phone call and hook up on a pink tassie which he spat second jump, another phone call and landed another 35cm, an hour after dark on powerbait.

Carried out an autopsy at home revealing the usual surface insects and a baby bass ( I am pretty sure )which apparently 10 thousand + - were released a week or two ago

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