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Squid Balls Head


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hi guys just wondeing about squid round waverton and balls head. :1badmood: I have been trying for the last two months but ust can't seem to catch them. I have followed all the advice this awseome :thumbup: site has given me but can't get them. Any tips or spots would be awseome but completely understand if you want to kep em secret :biggrin2:

Thanks TOM!!


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:1welcomeani: Hi There Welcome Aboard!!!

Mate as for the squid if you are following all the tips from fellow fish raiders chances are you just having a bad run.

I can speak from experience and to this day I go fishing for squid quite regularly and get one here and there..

Sometimes ill be fishing and get nothing then suddenly someone will chuck in a line and get one straight away its just part of fishing.

I guess what I can share is 1 hour before and 1 hour after high tide will be your best times and calm water is a lot easier plus you can work your jigs better that way not to mention always be on the lookout as generally people bottom bounce for squid but when and if you see prawns hopping around chances are there may be a squid on the surface nearby and it is a lot easier to catch them this way...

Do all the normal things like try different jigs lighter ones when the water is calm and use a heavier one when its a bit rough or adding a small sinker helps a lot...

The other thing you can do is try different spots. I used to squid at the Hacking but its not always productive so I try Jeffery Street wharf which is not bad and closer to home for me and I am thinking of trying balmain just so I have a few spots that I know of.

I will return to the hacking once the weather picks up again...



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